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Paul agon believes he is on the winning team experience

Before the wharton marketing office meeting afternoon keynote address even began, takes place was set for jean paul agon, leader and ceo of l usa.L gift bags full of l brands between salon and luxury products to cosmetics balanced on the edge of every chair.Introduced as a pioneer regarding and high performing techniques, agon told her by noting that i was a young student in a french business school, it was my dream to one day have enough savvy to go to wharton.Appreciate making this dream come true today, even if it not actually the way i had imagined it.

L is society number one beauty company, with 17 global brands and purchasers in 2003 of $3.8 thousand.As part of agon description of the particular organization marketing efforts, he presented what he called five components of the l strategy.Consist of:

Regarding agartha polo first element, agon said the expertise of beauty exists because know beauty very well, the world thinks in beauty, and we also think that beauty is dissimilar to any other industry.

Since l was established in 1907, the company has concentrated only on the expansion, the manufacturing field, and distribution of beauty items, agon observed.Believe that beauty has always played a huge role in people lives we believe that by enhancing the well being, the satisfaction and the self confidence of people, we help them to have a better and happier life.

And when marketing beauty, agon was adament, process is unique.Is not like other moving consumer goods categories:Foodstuffs, liquids, paper accessories, and thus.Beauty is not about just resolving consumer needs.It is about altering dreams into reality.It is about producing and inventing satisfactions, reactions, delights, health and happiness, confidence and ultimately moments and reasons for happiness.Beauty is about forcing products that people will want and desire, not to be able to.

In writing beauty, agon said it is advisable to develop brands that have strong emotional connections with consumers.Personally think marketing for beauty is an art.It goes past the usual and rational marketing.The marketing we do at l is a unique comprehensive forensics education intelligence and emotion, common sense and intuition, rigor and level of level of responsiveness, details and thoughts, dreams and truthfulness.The yin as well as also yang, in most cases.It is useful quite exhausting but really remarkable.

Second, agon stressed, will probably be the of beauty.This may appear strange to you, because when you think of science it may seem of industries like computers, aerospace, medications,., It is also true that for many, Beauty is not something important;It is a lot similar to in a jar, for charles revson, the founder of revlon said 50 in the past.At l we believe exactly another.We believe beauty is in a jar.We believe that to be successful in beauty it is all about science, because the world thinks in quality.

Agon noted that l was founded by a researchers named eugene schueller who invented the first modern hair dyes.Instantly, firm employs nearly 3, 000 therefore in 10 research centers in europe, japan and united state, invests 3% of net sales in r and registers more than 500 patents a year than all of our resistance.Our aim is simple:We want to dominate the technology battle to go up our leadership.This is also why we manufacture 95% of our products in our own plants in order to perfectly control their quality and insure the privacy of our formulas.

There are two factors that cause that, agon purchased.First, firmly believe that individuals are clever and that they always recognize quality and superior performance.Second, is perfectly critical we have always known that we had to have the best research and development to win the battle of technology.If rrndividuals are ready to switch for better quality, we have so that you can permanently innovate, to constantly invent items that are new, different and better and that consumers ought to try.

The third key element in the l strategy is private information portfolio of brands, and brought to life by the mastermind of l our ceo, lindsay lohan owen jones, cited agon.This portfolio of brands reflects fundamental ideas comprise the l strategy.As an example:Brands are organized by supply channels, and the brands are only at each distribution channel:Successful products brands to hair salons;Consumer product brands to merchants including drug stores and food stores;Luxury products brands to specialty stores and retail stores;And active cosmetics brands to dispensing doctors and pharmacies.Inside each submission channel, the brands are situated according to a segmentation based on price and image positioning following a very clear strategy.Finally, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Outlet but including, the portfolio of brands is very diverse relating to brand origin, with the objective of offering consumers all over the world a choice between diverse visions of beauty.As an example:A eu vision of beauty with brands like l paris, lancme or simply giotherwisegio armani;As a famous vision of beauty with brands like matrix, redken, ron lauren, kiehl maybelline or soft gloss carson;An asian vision of beauty with japan brand, shu uemura or the recent chinese brand, yu claime kan.

When it comes to l fourth marketing element or nothing agon said that at l have made what pleases being global and we are executing the plan without compromise our brands are all global.Consumers can find our brands and our products almost all around the world.You may presently 193 countries on this planet.A number of our brands, adore lancme, are in an estimated 160 countries, other are in more than 130.When we make purchases, we don damage this rule.We acquire only brands that seem to be global or can become global, or local brands that might be merged with existing global brands. (You'll notice)No exclusions.

Aside from that, agon supplementary, of Ralph Lauren Outlet UK our brand procedures and product launches are conceived to be truly global.The brand strategy is absolutely identical all around the world.It is just a rule.And them are created to be global,(Meaning)One identity, one conception, one approach, one supplying, and one talking worldwide.

L fifth and key online online strategy element real secret weapon of l according to agon is its employees.L we believe that concerning assets of our company are the individual talents of the members of our teams.Other programs, some of our oppositions, believe more in the significance of the organizations and the processes.Undoubtedly us.We are not in love with structures and processes.But we are in love with talents.E, privately, believe that it is focused talent.All forms of talent for all procedures:Pay, specials, manufacturing and particularly marketing.I simply assume it is like any sports team:By with the best talent on your team, won by you.

Agon also believes that a winning team must be various and passionate.Believe diverse teams are more inspiring, more tolerant and more productive.We believe that it is by bringing talents unique genders, varying origins, different civilizations, different ethnicities and different profiles, by creating what lindsay owen jones calls not of beauty, by being truly from the inside.That we're going to succeed.

Third trait of the l people, maybe the most significant one, is because they all have something in common:An enthusiasm.I will be aware that it sounds strange and excessive, but it is a reality that you can see and feel at l people are incredibly obsessed with their brands, a few, the particular business, and their business.They have a large sense of ownership.This is what makes them agartha set ambitious goals in their own business and go after their objectives relentlessly.

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